To empower learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to grow their knowledge, skills, and understanding as they serve God and Humanity.

To have Christ-centered Adventist schools created from strong learning communities seeking to grow and serve.

The Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists Department of Education Headquarters are located in Reno, Nevada.


Adventist Education has come a long way since 1853 when Martha Byington opened the first known church school for Sabbatarian Adventists in Buck’s Bridge, New York. Today you’ll find Adventist schools in nearly 150 countries. 85,000 teachers, 1.5 million students, 7,500 schools—the Adventist school system is one of the largest Christian educational systems in the world.

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Hear from
our educators!

“Adventist Education is very important to me not only as a teacher but as a parent as well. I love being in an environment where I can address the students’ academic needs and guide them to develop Christ-like Characters. As a parent, it is very important to me that my children are surrounded by others with similar values. Adventist education is truly ‘something better.’”

Anissa Johnson, 6-8th-grade teacher
Abundant Life Christian Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Adventist education is great because we aim to teach to the whole person, encompassing the moral, physical, mental, and spiritual discipline of each student in the class. One way our classrooms are able to accomplish this is with traditionally smaller class sizes, making education more individualized. Students in these smaller classrooms form friendships that will last a lifetime, with the promise of eternity and the soon return of Jesus.”

Erin Rodriguez, head teacher
Bishop Adventist Christian School
Bishop, California

“I love helping kids experience Jesus Christ in a real way, and watching them learn to trust in Him! There is nothing better than reading about Jesus in Language Arts, figuring out how many times Jesus said to forgive someone in Math class, and discovering the incredible world that God made in Science. I’m thrilled to have a role in leading children to the Kingdom!”

Camille Hopkins, head teacher
Deamude Adventist Christian School
Ogden, Utah

“I believe in Seventh-day Adventist Education with my whole heart. You cannot find a better place for your children to learn Christian values and know that Jesus is coming back very soon to take us home! We provide a quality education, and our main focus is on Jesus. My students know that Jesus loves them and can’t wait to take them to live with Him in Heaven for eternity.”

Jamie Francisco, head teacher
Fallon SDA Elementary School
Fallon, Nevada

The aim of true education is to restore human beings into the image of God as revealed by the life of Jesus Christ.
Only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit can this be accomplished. An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person—spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional—a process that spans a lifetime. Working together, homes, schools, and churches cooperate with divine agencies to prepare learners to be good citizens in this world and for eternity.

Ellen G White (1827-1915)

A prolific Christian author that contributed with innovative concepts and ideas in education.


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